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PBIRx® is How You Can Get More Control over Your Healthcare Costs

Pharmacy costs today represent nearly 40% of total health care costs and growing with the introduction of high cost specialty drugs. As a result, to truly impact your total healthcare costs you must control drug costs. Request for Pricing (RFP) process management is no longer enough. While there are many options available to try to control pharmacy costs, you need a team of experts to be able to help you unravel the complexities of today’s prescription drug environment. You need PBIRx true pharmacy intelligence to achieve an acceptable level of overall healthcare costs.

PBIRx has a team of experts with decades of experience in various sub-specialties, including Accountable Care Organizations and Managed Health Care Plans. PBIRX provides a high level of customer service, with unbiased and objective financial analyses, while always focusing on the clients’ best interests, versus enriching the PBM.

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